Barn Dog Bites - Made in the USA

Barn Dog Bites
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Wholesome & Nutritious Treats for Hard Working Farm Dogs


Made in the USA 


Crunchy Cheese Puffs- Now you don't have to share your Cheetos with your dog.  They can have their own bag.  This treat has a crunchy texture and tasts just like the human version.


Chewy Chicken Pot Pie- A soft and chewy treat flavored like your mom's classic Chicken Pot Pie.  This one is a true crowd pleaser!


Beef Meaty Munchers - A chewy beef stick that your dogs are guaranteed to love.  This treat is great for training and can be broken into smaller pieces.


Peanut Butter Pooch Kisses- Crunchy peanut butter hearts made with organic ingredients.  Your dog will love them!